Craft master one glass

This uniquely molded 16oz beer glass was designed specifically with craft beer in mind. It features a fine thin rim for a great mouth feel, chimney shaped upper bowl for aroma concentration and an ergonomic and visually pleasing shape. A modern glass for genuine craft beer enjoyment. Its well-conceived shape with the elegant curve serving as a visual fill aid, as well as its versatility for varied beer styles brings functional appeal and thus added value to catering and hospitality venues. Approved surface hardness – tried and tested shatter resistance! High resistance to temperature shocks! Made by Rastal Designed by Carsten Kehrein Height: approx. " Volume: approx. 16 oz or liters to rim Freezer safe! Keeps beverages colder longer

This system of a stepwise approach to mastery of a craft, which includes the obtainment of a certain amount of education and the learning of skills, has survived in some countries of the world until today. But crafts have undergone deep structural changes during and since the e of the Industrial Revolution . The mass production of goods by large-scale industry has limited crafts to market segments in which industry's modes of functioning or its mass-produced goods would not or cannot satisfy the preferences of potential buyers. Moreover, as an outcome of these changes, craftspeople today increasingly make use of semi-finished components or materials and adapt these to their customers' requirements or demands and, if necessary, to the environments of their customers. Thus, they participate in a certain division of labour between industry and craft.

Craft master one glass

craft master one glass


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