Danabol ds march pharmaceuticals

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Good post.... Br is dist, mp is manufacturer. Now in my years of running orals... March made the hearts us old fartz are used to... Fukin potent..... Without an . can cause gyno even at 30mg/ed. Now br wanted the sole brand, argument started and march discontinued prod. So march took over hence the emblems at the top on both bottles. I heard... Not 100 on this, march started again but refuse to export....now to me they the same fukin pill... Ran both got same except that march gave a lot more strength, stamina. Now a lot of bros swear by both in which I do. There is a lot of fakes . as far as I know (could be wrong) they are the same. If you or any bro has a bottle they are not sure of I'll look at it. Also..... Lmao if you get either one br/mp... I tried biteing through them and they popped like hard candy. ANYONE FINDS ANY FALSE INFO PLEASE CHIME IN.

Danabol ds march pharmaceuticals

danabol ds march pharmaceuticals


danabol ds march pharmaceuticalsdanabol ds march pharmaceuticalsdanabol ds march pharmaceuticalsdanabol ds march pharmaceuticalsdanabol ds march pharmaceuticals