Devol kitchen colors

I love this post. (And am posting for the first time ever–even though I’m a long-time, dedicated reader–because I wanted to say that so much.) I was a magazine editor and then PR rep for lifestyle & home brands for a long time, so have an idea of how much work & money goes into these home and pics. Your blog is the only one I still read because the detail & honesty about the time & expense involved in the projects is what makes it interesting for me. (Pretty pictures are fun, but they get boring for me without the practical info.) I too wrestle with the consumerism and superficiality of it all–but I LOVE design and can’t stop. 🙂 So thank you for being honest.

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Devol kitchen colors

devol kitchen colors


devol kitchen colorsdevol kitchen colorsdevol kitchen colorsdevol kitchen colorsdevol kitchen colors