Devol kitchen hardware

Japanese robotics have led the field since the 1970s. [38] Waseda University initiated the WABOT project in 1967, and in 1972 completed the WABOT-1, the world's first full-scale humanoid intelligent robot. [39] Its limb control system allowed it to walk with the lower limbs, and to grip and transport objects with hands, using tactile sensors. Its vision system allowed it to measure distances and directions to objects using external receptors, artificial eyes and ears. And its conversation system allowed it to communicate with a person in Japanese, with an artificial mouth. This made it the first android . [40] [41] [42]

The principles of honesty, utility and simplicity guided the Shakers and manifested in their craftsmanship. They rejected ornamentation as it encouraged the sin of pride. Instead, the Shaker furniture makers played with form, proportions, and asymmetry to add visual interest. Though the Shaker communities were largely self-sufficient and closed off from the mainstream world, they did sell excess goods and furniture pieces beyond their community. Fortunately, the style and historical pieces have been preserved and even reinterpreted today. — Quelcy

Devol kitchen hardware

devol kitchen hardware


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