Dht blocker on cycle

Could there be any link in hair loss between the PGD2 and Absolute Eosinophils. I am a 69 female who worked hard in this last year to lose 40 pounds, and now my once very thick hair is very, very thin, dull, lifeless. I can shake my head and shed like a dog. My protein levels where a below normal range. I have RA levels above normal range, and an auto immune/Morphea (which seems to be in remission). But last blood work showed my eosinophils WAY elevated. I do not have asthma, nor allergic reactions, and doctors just drop the conversation there. I have had an acute case of tendonitis in both hands from using weights that were to heavy for me. That seemed to cause a huge inflammation response, which is about when my hair starting falling out; 3-4 months ago.

Dht blocker on cycle

dht blocker on cycle


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