I was listening to the soundtrack for Turbo A Power Rangers Movie one day (the best part of the movie, by the way) & while I listened to this song for some reason I thought of the female Autobots, & I instantly knew I had a good idea for a music video. So here's a tribute to them with a song that honestly feels like it could have been written for them. And besides, this song actually makes a little more sense in a Transformers context. I've seen all of Power Rangers Turbo (I have the second DVD set with Seasons 4-7 on it, so I forced myself to watch it & found that overall it was okay but it could have been much better) & never saw any "turbo tigers in the night". But Cybertron has animals like petro rabbits, robo rats and turbo foxes, so why not turbo tigers? Anyways, this turned out very well and it is a good way for me to celebrate Women's History Month. Hopefully it will also start a trend of every 6th video I do being Transformers related. 6 is my favorite number, & the Transformers series is my favorite show next to Doctor Who. Credit for the song goes to Rebecca Stern. While the first clip of Arcee transforming came from Rodel Rivera & the clip from the Movie came from graycube credit for most of the footage came from downloads of The Search For Alpha Trion & Dweller In The Depths off of Veoh thanks to TransFormersDude27. I do not own the rights to any Transformers or Power Rangers series.