Dyna bolts into brick or mortar

Buckling of externally pressurized structures is a fascinating phenomenon and for those aficionados of classic old-time submarine movies, a bit of cold sweat. Predictive Engineering has significant experience in the buckling of structures using ASME’s PVHO and ABS’s Underwater Vehicles code for hyperbaric chambers, submarines, pressure vessels and now for an in-line gas pipeline pig. Our client manufactures sensor’s for pipeline inspection industry. A common method for delivery of the sensor is send a “pig” or a cylinder loaded with instruments through the gas pipeline driven by a differential pressure. Operating conditions within the pipeline can reach pressures up to 1,500 psi. To ensure that their instrument package could safely operate, they contracted us to perform an ASME Section VIII, Division 2 “design-by-analysis” study on the buckling resistance of their miniature in-line inspection tool or “pig”. Their material of choice was a simple carbon steel (L360MS). The ASME allowable stress was calculated using standard knock-down formulas where the material’s original yield strength of was reduced to a membrane allowable of . The buckling assessment was based on safety factor. FEA simulation started with a linear elastic stress analysis followed by an eigenvalue buckling analysis. To verify the eigenvalue results, a geometric nonlinear buckling analysis was performed on the structure. As our client had suspected, the pig had significant safety margins and the project was sealed up and our project summary was one sentence “The ….. passes the ASME Section 8, Division 2 stress and buckling classification.”

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Dyna bolts into brick or mortar

dyna bolts into brick or mortar


dyna bolts into brick or mortardyna bolts into brick or mortardyna bolts into brick or mortardyna bolts into brick or mortardyna bolts into brick or mortar