El primo 100 lucha wikipedia

One Shot Stars: Andre the Giant, Angel Blanco, Angel Blanco Jr., Apolo Dantes, Arandu, As Charro, Bello Greco, Black Shadow Jr., Cacharro Mendoza, Centurion Negro, Chavo Guerrero, Climax, Coloso Colosetti, Don Corleone, Dos Caras, Dr. Wagner, El Solitario, El Supremo, Enrique Vera, Eskeletor, Fabuloso Blondy, Fishman, Franco Colombo, Halcon Ortiz, Hombre Sin Nombre, Impacto, Javier Rocca, Kato Kung Lee, Ken Timbs, Kevin Von Erich, Lobo Rubio, Loco Zavala, Magico, Maskare, Mil Mascaras, Negro Casas, Panico, Raul Reyes Jr., Rayo De Jalisco, Rick Patterson, Rudy Reyna, Satoru Sayama, Shiro Koshinaka, Siglo XX, Solar II, Steve Nelson, Stuka, Super Halcon, Super Muneco, Tatsumi Fujinami, Ulises, Valente Fernandez

Upon joining OVW, Colón performed under his nickname of "Carly". On July 5, 2003, he debuted by teaming with Luther Reigns and John Hennigan in a loss to Tank Toland , Johnny Jeter , and Matt Cappotelli . In his first singles appearances, Colón defeated Rob Begeley and Mike Mondo . He teamed with Henningan in a loss to Damien Sandow and Simon Dean , after which the team was dissolved. Hennigan then teamed with Cappotelli winning against Colón and his new partner, Joey Mercury . This team scored a win over Carl Lafon & Mondo, before being dissolved itself. Shortly afterwards, his ring name was changed as to the more formal "Carlos Colón, Jr.", his actual name. His performance in OVW was intercalated by appearances in dark matches that took place before WWE's main shows. [21] On October 14, 2003, he teamed with Dean in a dark match loss to Sean O'Haire and Matt Morgan that preceded WWE Velocity . In February 2004, Colón performed as a heel for the first time in his career by joining Bolin Services, a faction led by Kenny Bolin and completed by Shad Gaspard , Jerome Crony, Demond Thompson, Mike Mondo and fellow Puerto Rican Lourdes Guenard. [22] He was paired with several members of the faction, with his team with Mondo trading wins against the team of Mac Johnson & Seth Skyfire and defeating Adrenaline (a team composed by Chris Cage and Toland) twice. His teams with Shad Gaspard and Chris Masters did not meet the same success, losing three consecutive matches, two against Adrenaline and one to The British Knights respectively. Individually, Colón defeated Micah Taylor, but lost to Cappotelli.

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El primo 100 lucha wikipedia

el primo 100 lucha wikipedia


el primo 100 lucha wikipediael primo 100 lucha wikipediael primo 100 lucha wikipediael primo 100 lucha wikipediael primo 100 lucha wikipedia