Lean cycle meal plan

Hi Team Powell . I just got the extreme makeover book and I am so excited to start this transformation. I have been counting macros for a while and didn’t see any significant results. I’m jot sure what macros I should be consuming and never tried carb cycling so I am excited to see what this will do to my body. I recently got a bod pod test done and was saddened by the result 😳 (38%bf)
I workout 40 mins of cardio and hours of strength workouts everyday and haven’t gotten any type of fat loss, apparently.
upon reading the book, I’m on page 28. It says that women will consume 1500 cal per day on this plan, I am 6 feet tall and my RMR is 1700 cal, so was wondering if the 1500 cals is too low for me?( I had a metabolic testing done last week along with the bod pod.)
So my question is can I eat the recommended calories for the men recommendations in the book which is 2000 cal a day and still see results?

Hi, that was a good read. I am a massively hard gainer, im 6ft and have weighed 10stone from the age of about 16 to 28. tried everything!! finally in december 2012 i started mutant mass, only one shake each morning, found this kick started my stomach and apetite and 4 months later im Stone! i only work out about 3 times a week, no cardio at all. Incredibly ive even developed a little belly which i never thought id see! also i should add the doctor prescribed me folic acid 5mg everyday which could of helped me gain. My diet was if its got calories then eat it!!!

In the last few months one thing that has helped reduced the amount of takeout drastically for us is to have a separate account for dining expenses. I had an old Capital One 360 checking account attached to my online savings so we decided to put $50 a month in there and start from there. With this idea we were already cutting about $100 in dining out expenses. The past few weeks have been challenging, but we are spending a lot less on take-out and creating more meals at home using e-meals. I want to get it to where we only eat out on special occasions, but I'll take each win that I can get:)

Lean cycle meal plan

lean cycle meal plan


lean cycle meal planlean cycle meal planlean cycle meal planlean cycle meal planlean cycle meal plan