Leangains while on cycle

I am new to IF (although I tried it doing the XFLD), and I am trying to figure out which is better for me. I work out pretty regularly (5-6 times a week) mostly interval training, but also a little strength.
I work 8am-4pm. I think 16/8 might fit me better w my eating window from -, but I usually work out at night. My workout will then be either right before my last meal or after. There is no way I can go every work day without eating. 
Maybe ESE would work better for me, but 24 hrs is still a very long time…… I might be able to go from lunch to lunch, but twice a week? I wond’t know… :D
Any suggestions?

Well, obviously as you get more advanced and your volume threshold increases, your volume *tolerance* also increases – so auto-regulation takes care of it, at least within reason. However, you still have to monitor progress and determine whether what you are doing is working for you. Even with an effective training method and a “perfect” program there is still no guarantees. The downside of auto-regulation is that some may not be able to push themselves to the point where optimal progress is realized. Let’s say you started grinding on rep 6 and thought to yourself “ok, I’ll stop here, this is an RPE 9”. Then someone offered you a million dollars if you could get to 10 reps, and if not you they would empty your bank accounts and kill your family. Could you get 10 reps? Just a thought experiment, of course…

Fasting doesn’t cause your brain tissue to waste away, contrary to what some people will tell you. It’s actually good for brain health. Any dietary restriction tends to increase neuronal plasticity and promote neurogenesis, but it was IF that had the greatest effect (with the fewest downsides). Another study of mice found that meal  frequency impacts neuronal health . That is, mice who ate larger meals more infrequently saw greater increases in brain and overall bodily health. Still another study found that IF was beneficial for peripheral nerve function in mice by promoting the maintenance of the neuronal pathways responsible for locomotor performance . It’s almost like this stuff just puts your brain in repair, or maintenance mode.

Leangains while on cycle

leangains while on cycle


leangains while on cycleleangains while on cycleleangains while on cycle