Mast e for strength

Guyed masts are frequently used for radio antennas . The mast can either support aerials (for VHF and UHF ) mounted at its top, or the entire structure itself can function as an antenna (for VLF , LF , MF ); this is called a mast radiator . In the latter case, the mast needs to be insulated from the ground . Guyed radio masts are typically tall enough that they require several sets of guy lines, 2 to 4, attached at different heights on the mast, to prevent them from buckling. An exception was the Blaw-Knox tower , widely used during the 1930s, whose distinctive wide diamond ( rhomboidal ) shape gave it the shear strength that it only required one set of guys.

Most Christian writers on Biblical mores and ethics point to the words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5:27-20) where the Lord teaches that it is possible for a person to commit sexually immoral acts in one's fantasy life. The thoughts and intentions of the heart can be very important and as implicating as outward acts. Although deliberately feeding on lustful thoughts and acting them out in one's mind is "already adultery" in the heart, according to Jesus, temptation which is not acted upon does not constitute sin. As an old Proverb says, "One can not prevent the birds from flying over one's head, but one can keep them from building a nest in one's hair." When the factor of fantasies is added into the equation of masturbation there is no doubt we are now referring to fornication and sexual uncleanness. One can no longer claim that masturbation is a "gray area."

Mast e for strength

mast e for strength


mast e for strengthmast e for strengthmast e for strengthmast e for strengthmast e for strength