Masterton motor lodge

By 1900, Dunedin was no longer the country's biggest city. Influence and activity moved north to the other centres ("the drift north"), a trend which continued for much of the following century. Despite this, the university continued to expand, and a student quarter became established. At the same time people started to notice Dunedin's mellowing, the ageing of its grand old buildings, with writers like . McCormick pointing out its atmospheric charm. [43] In the 1930s and early 1940s a new generation of artists such as . (Toss) Woollaston , Doris Lusk , Anne Hamblett, Colin McCahon and Patrick Hayman once again represented the best of the country's talent. The Second World War saw the dispersal of these painters, but not before McCahon had met a very youthful poet, James K. Baxter , in a central city studio.

New Zealand motel accommodation also includes motor lodges and motor inns. With 1000's of motels located throughout New Zealand, there's a motel to suit all budgets, from cheap, discount motel accommodation to luxury, 5 star motel accommodation.

Motel rooms available usually range from studio, one or two bedroom units plus family sized units. Most motels provide tea, coffee and sometimes cooking facilities plus a television. Accommodation in a motel in New Zealand is generally of a high standard and many are rated to give the traveller an idea of the quality provided. Larger motels are often similar to hotels with a swimming pool, spa, sauna, games room, laundry and restaurant. Motels would suit individual travellers, couples, families or groups.

Masterton motor lodge

masterton motor lodge


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