Pclass mast length

Project and project Molniya ("Lightning") are further developments of the Tarantul family of ships. The two projects has been modified and rearmed with modern missile systems like the Uran-E and are more capable ships than the Tarantul types. The ships are built by the Russian Vympel Shipyard. [1] Russia received at least one boat for trials in the 1990s and in 1999 Vietnam ordered two vessels. Vietnam is currently the main user of the Molniya class, with two Russian made ships and 4 locally built ships. Vietnam started its own production line of Molniya ships with the assistance of Almaz Central Design Bureau in Russia . The first two locally built ships were delivered on July 2014. [2] The Vietnamese ships are armed with 1 AK-176 76mm gun, 16 Uran-E anti ship missiles, 4 Igla-M air defence missiles and 2 AK-630 close in weapon systems . The Vietnamese ships are also larger at in length and a maximum displacement of 563 tons. They have a range of 1,700 nautical miles (3,100 km; 2,000 mi) with 44 crew members on board. The Indian Navy ordered 4 further modified Tarantuls, this order was later reduced to 2. These last two ships of the Veer-class are armed with 16 SS-N-25 'Switchblade' / URAN E Missiles, 1 OTO Melara 76 mm instead of the AK-176 , and MR 352 Positiv-E (NATO: Cross Dome) Radar. [3] [4] In 2009 Libya ordered 3 ships however, there has been no news since and the reliability of the news source is questionable. [5]

Modern masts form the leading edge of a sail's airfoil and tend to have a teardrop-shaped cross-section. On smaller racing yachts and catamarans, the mast rotates to the optimum angle for the sail's airfoil. If the mast has a long, thin cross-section and makes up a significant area of the airfoil, it is called a wing-mast; boats using these have a smaller sail area to compensate for the larger mast area. There are many manufacturers of modern masts for sailing yachts of all sizes, a few notable companies are Hall Spars, Offshore Spars , and Southern Spars.

Pclass mast length

p class mast length


p class mast lengthp class mast lengthp class mast lengthp class mast lengthp class mast length