Prop mast var cycle

Climate modelling at this early stage in the study of our planet’s climate, is like modelling quantum physics with one box of Lego. Using the analogy our climate is a 10000 piece puzzle, we are aware of about 10 pieces, but not their interactions with each other or the time scales, all of which are extremely complex and chaotic to an extent. We won’t understand the planet’s climate systems or drivers for centuries, not decades. Discussing climate models is meaningless. Predicting climate changes utterly impossible. I wish attention and discussion would turn to studying the many variables in the climate systems, like the oceans, the sun, the clouds, cosmic effects, and the dozens of other variables.

On 200mg per wk of test my range is between 700-1200ng/dl. The day after my shot I’m around 1200 and by day 6-7 I am down around 700. Anything over 800 is optimal and you can float around 1100-1200 with usually no health issues. But I would make it a point to donate blood on the regular. As for arimadex, I got away without any the first couple yrs of trt but then estrogen started elevating a tad and I began using just 1/2mg 3x a week and it keeps me in good range. As for hcg I usually just hit a whack of it every 10-12 wks for 2500iu x 2 wks, and this is mainly because it comes in 5,000iu vials and to use the standard 250iu twice/wk means the shelf life of 30 days aftet constitution will expire before I use it all. I dont want to waste it and preloading pins and sticking in freezer to prolong shelf like after constitution is a pain.

Prop mast var cycle

prop mast var cycle


prop mast var cycleprop mast var cycleprop mast var cycleprop mast var cycleprop mast var cycle