Proviron test eq

Yeah I plan on doing a cut (hoping the EQ appetite doesn't fuck it up). And I'm mostly likely adding Mast E at 400/week for 12 weeks too. And yes I wish that was an option, but I was following the advice of a good and very experienced friend who reacted well at 300/week. But, I'm hoping the EQ will just act to supplement the mast and help increase hardness and vascularity in my cut. I'm already halfway through cutting and 182lbs 5'10 and 11-13% bf. So mast should work relatively well for me. It's also my first time with EQ so I suppose starting small can't be so bad.

I know X has had some rough patches last year, but the guy came through for everyone, and I never had any issue during that time period, so I trust the guy and will keep going back until he gives me a reason not to. Commo and transit time take a little while, but guess what folks, buying steroids online isnt fucking amazon dot com. You arent gunna get your shit in 3 days. Be patient. It will come. Almost all of my packs from X have come in the 6-10 business day window. Plan accordingly. I am ordering some more of this amazing Zyklon tren from him next week.

Proviron test eq

proviron test eq


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