T-bolt target/varmint

Possibly the most famous rimfire of all time, the Ruger 10/22 is now available in a carbine with a funky thumbhole laminate stock that adjusts for length of pull. With a heavy profile barrel of just over 16 inches – threaded for a suppressor, and supplied with a thread cap – the 10/22 Target Lite features the improved BX trigger for a light pull and minimal overtravel. All of the familiar 10/22 features are there: 10-round magazine, the push-button crossbolt safety located ahead of the trigger, the reliable auto-loading action. But, this design is for those who like something different, and while it’s a departure for the usual look I enjoy, I can see myself having fun with this little rifle. MSRP $649

T-bolt target/varmint

t-bolt target/varmint


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