Testosterone prop vs test enth

Those scumsucking bastards stole our wealth , consigned thousands to lose their jobs, their houses, their businesses , set the conditions for thousands more children to die in cold damp houses in future years, sold off state housing and created a housing crisis so family’s now sleep in bloody cars , thousands died because of inadequate hospitals and long waiting lists , closed down tax payer paid for industry’s that employed tens of thousands, lied to us there would be lower prices for basic commodities because there would be more ‘competition, then proceeded to asset strip those SOE’s they bought for a song , made redundant many more thousands , and then proceeded to hike up prices so now family’s cant even afford to fucking heat their damn houses, – end result ? – even more bloody children developing third world diseases such as pneumonia and bronchiostasis. And on and on and on with countless other examples of their crap over 33 years of neo liberal treason.

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Testosterone prop vs test enth

testosterone prop vs test enth


testosterone prop vs test enthtestosterone prop vs test enthtestosterone prop vs test enthtestosterone prop vs test enthtestosterone prop vs test enth