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The winner in men elite class was Mårten Boström from Finland, followed by two Estonians Kenny Kivikas and Kristo Heinmann.
In women class the winner was Annika Rihma. Second and third position in women's class went to foreigners - Šarka Svobodna from Czech Republic and Ruth Holmes from Great Britain.
In men and women elite classes world ranking points were given and the competition was also a World Champinships 2013 qualifying race for Estonian national team.
The best Estonians in elite classes (Annika Rihma and Kenny Kivikas) won the place in the national team.
Since yesterday Estonian national team has already 5 qualified members: Timo Sild, Lauri Sild, Kenny Kivikas in the men's class and Anu Annus, Annika Rihma in women's class.

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What is viron

what is viron


what is vironwhat is vironwhat is vironwhat is vironwhat is viron